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Val, Software Engineer

A software engineer at one of the Big Five wants to get the most from her equity…

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Despite Val’s competitive career at one of the Big 5 tech companies, she realized she could be getting more from her equity. She also recognized that she urgently needed to have a plan in place for times of instability.

When mass layoffs hit her industry, being smarter with her money became Val’s priority. As she researched finance though, she realized the topic was too massive to tackle by herself.

She started looking for help to avoid doing it alone.

Most of Val’s stock was concentrated in the company she worked for, leaving her open to risk in an unpredictable environment. She knew there were ways to reduce her taxes, but figuring it out was a headache. Her retirement plan also needed to be better defined.

Despite all this, she was cautious about approaching a financial advisor for the first time.

Finally, Val attended a work panel featuring several financial advisors. One advisor in particular stood out. She specialized in helping professionals maximize their equity benefits — exactly what Val needed.

In their first meeting, Val’s first priority was to be 100% certain she was making the right decision.

However, this financial planner’s approach – patient, methodical, and non-intrusive – made all the difference.


Once Val’s new financial planner understood her position and goals, she developed a systematic plan to:

  • Diversify her concentrated position into investments that aligned with her goals and protected her assets from risk
  • Optimize her employee benefits to keep more of the value she creates for her company
  • Reduce her tax liabilities through retirement and HSA account contributions and Roth conversions
  • Put together an aggressive savings plan so she can retire before 55

She also helped Val through several real estate transactions, including the sale of her first house, the purchase of her dream home, and finally, adding rental real estate.

Val appreciates her advisor’s ability to connect on a personal level and adapt her approach to Val’s preferences.

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