Financial Independence Planning for Busy People in Tech

One-on-one planning to maximize your equity compensation and escape the corporate treadmill

Why Simplicity Wealth Management?

Beyond financial advice, our clients want a coach and partner to help:

Take the financial stress out of sudden life or career changes
Confidently negotiate a new compensation and equity package
Take sabbaticals without worrying about the next paycheck

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Why our clients stay with us

“It really feels like we’re a team.”

They feel empowered to direct their own lives without feeling trapped in their work

They have an advisor and team-mate for sudden life or career changes

Their savings, investments and equity are protected against risk and unexpected tax bills

They feel comfortable discussing concerns because of our one-on-one approach

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Our Google Reviews

Working with Christine and her team has been truly transformative!

…helping us navigate all of the challenges facing financial security.

Simply put, Christine has changed my life.

This is the best financial planner I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. This is the first time a planner has actually listened to my goals and is helping me to achieve them. No one has ever been able to provide this type of service in the past. Highly recommended.

Working with Christine and her team has been truly transformative! Not only has Christine been my guide and educator in the financial space, but she’s been my cheerleader and confidant as I faced major life changes over the last two years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I’m looking forward to many years ahead of growing my wealth and business with the right team by my side.

Christine has been a blessing to our family in helping us navigate all of the challenges facing financial security. My only regret is that we didn’t start working with her earlier in our financial journey!

Simply put, Christine has changed my life. Our financial situation was a mess when she took us on as a client, I had squirreled money away from myself in all kinds of places, and our retirement accounts were just… sitting there, languishing. Now all of our accounts are consolidated, invested wisely, earning good returns without being subjected to high fees, and I sleep so much better at night...

Maximize your equity.

Negotiate a higher salary.

Plan your freedom.

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Hello! I’m Christine Centeno, CFP® Founder of Simplicity Wealth Management

I left the corporate world to help Tech employees think beyond their paycheck…

Client Success Stories

How we’ve helped tech employees plan their freedom

*These case studies do not represent any specific Simplicity Wealth Management client and should not be taken as a guarantee of results.


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