Simplicity Wealth Management

When looking to escape the corporate treadmill…

Where do you start?
How can I leverage my equity to gain more personal and financial autonomy?
Should I keep all my stock with my company, or diversify my investments?
How can I “future proof” my finances against career and economic uncertainty?
Should I pay off my debt now, or invest my cash for future freedom?

You’re in the right place for answers

Our clients come to us with a goal to:

Use their equity for financial liberation

Negotiate better salary and benefits

Afford time off for vacations and sabbaticals

Buy a home or start a family

Align their career decisions with their aspirations

Update their game plan when they switch careers

Avoid unpleasant tax surprises

Retire at 55 (if not earlier)

We'll let our clients speak for themselves

“Christine has been more than just a financial advisor; she’s been like a team member who’s helped me make significant career moves.”
“Working with Christine has paid for itself multiple times over every single year we’ve worked with her. Because without her advice and guidance, we would have lost more than what we pay for it annually.”
“Christine made me realize I could dream bigger than just paying the bills.”

Want to slip out of your Golden Handcuffs and plan for financial independence?

It all starts with a conversation with our CEO. Book a free call to see how we can help you

Get to know the team

  • Founder & Financial Planner

    Christine A. Centeno, CFP®, MS
  • Client Service Associate

    Sara Sloman
  • Client Service Associate

    Lisa Albers

Common questions we get:

Yes. Our team doesn’t receive commissions or sell products. This means we only make recommendations based on what’s in your best interest.

We do. Whether it’s RSUs (Restricted Stock Units), stock options (NQSOs and ISOs), or a stock purchase plan (ESPP), we create a systematic plan to grow your wealth.

You benefit from our 15+ years of financial planning experience with C-suite executives and employees at Tech companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

You wouldn’t see a primary care physician for a complicated heart condition, so why would you work with a planner who doesn’t specialize in equity compensation?

We know equity compensation. More importantly, we understand the unique opportunities and decisions that you face as a stock comp recipient.

Even if investments and taxes aren’t your cup of tea, we believe they don’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. That’s why we are committed to providing easy-to-understand guidance and advice. Even better, we don’t receive sales or commissions. So you’ll never have to worry that our recommendations are motivated by a sales goal.

We take on a limited number of clients so that we can provide the best service possible. Our focus is on our clients, not on growing as big as possible.

There is no minimum account size as many of our clients have their wealth at work (401(k)s, RSUs, etc.). Professional advice should not depend on how much money you can invest with us.

The initial consultation is free. It’s designed as a session to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit. We’ll take a look at your current situation and identify pain points, and if we mutually agree we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a follow up call.

As a fiduciary, we are legally obligated to provide clients with advice that is in their best interest. Sometimes that means giving a recommendation like keeping your dollars in cash or paying off a loan instead of investing.

As a fee-only planner, we get paid directly by our clients and no one else. We are not paid on products sold, so you can be confident our recommendations will avoid common conflicts of interest. For more information on what it means to be fee-only, visit the Fee-Only Network.

Expect straightforward, honest advice and a high level of client service. We love what we do, and it shows. We work best with clients who are looking for ongoing, professional advice. Our clients are looking to free up time to focus on finding balance.

What we don’t do… market timing or hot stock tips. You won’t hear us droning on about the markets. We’ll leave that to CNBC and hit all the important points that apply to you.

Simplicity Wealth Management is located in Glen Allen, Virginia (just north of Richmond). Thanks to technology, we work with clients across the country.

Christine is a Certified Financial Planner™. This means she’s completed the Board’s education, exam, experience, and ethics requirements. She’s required to complete 30 hours of continuing education biannually. View her certification here.

After completing her CFP®, Christine pursued her Master’s in Financial Planning where she also obtained the MPAS® (Master Planner Advanced Studies) designation. This means she completed additional requirements above and beyond the CFP® designation. She is required to complete 40 hours of continuing education biannually.

Christine is a member of several professional organizations including the CFP Board, NAPFA, and the XY Planning Network.

Christine brings 15+ years of industry experience. She’s worked for Merrill, Morgan Stanley, and independent firms. She spent time working with C-Suite executives from several large Fortune 500 companies helping them exercise their options. She’s an active member of several professional organizations and served on the local Financial Planning Association board.

While most of our clients work in Tech, we have clients in other industries with stock compensation. Please feel free to schedule a call. We can determine if it’s the right fit. If not, we can refer you to someone else who is.

Want to slip out of your Golden Handcuffs and plan for financial independence?

It all starts with a conversation. Book a call with our CEO, Christine