Michelle and Ben case study

Michelle & Ben, Tech Founders

When a couple’s tech start-up finally becomes profitable, they want to exit and retire…

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When their tech start-up finally became profitable, Michelle and Ben breathed a sigh of relief. They had made it.

There was one problem: now that they had a lot of cash coming in, they needed to know their next best moves to free their time for the long-term…

Now that their decades of hard work on their company had finally started to pay off, they wanted a plan to step away from their computers without worry. Michelle and Ben’s next goal was to not have to think about money at all.

Michelle and Ben quickly found themselves facing new questions: “Now that we have this money… what do we do with it? Should we pay off our debt first, or should we invest the money instead?”

They needed answers, but they wanted someone who worked only for them and in their best interest.

Michelle and Ben found their financial advisor through her website and set up a call with her.

They told her their story, and explained that they wanted to quit working as soon as possible. After a thorough review of their finances and life goals, their new advisor was able to lay out their options and explain each one in simple, straightforward terms.


During the initial phases of their engagement, their financial planner guided Michelle and Ben through:

  • Consolidating and organizing their retirement accounts
  • Protecting their investments from excess fees
  • Developing a retirement account withdrawal plan to support their ideal lifestyle
  • Executing tax-smart strategies during peak earning periods
  • Creating an estate plan in collaboration with their Estate Attorney
  • Optimizing their health insurance decisions

Michelle and Ben have now exited their start-up. With their financial advisors help, they’ve invested their profits into rental real estate in addition to their stock portfolio.

Now that working is optional for them, they spend much of their time hiking, biking and taking vacations.

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