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Alexia, CMO

An ambitious marketing professional works towards her first C-suite role…

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Alexia is a marketing professional whose career has taken her through various high-level roles in top tech companies.

However, life threw a curveball at Alexia with a near-fatal accident. This prompted her to re-evaluate her life and future…

Alexia questioned whether she was truly getting the most out of her life. “I don’t want to be working forever… Am I maximizing every opportunity?” She envisioned a life where she had freedom and agency over her time.

Alexia’s collection of compensation packages, stocks, and scattered retirement accounts was overwhelming. With every career advancement, her equity compensation packages became more and more complex.

She knew the first step was organization. The hard part was knowing where to start.

When her company hosted a webinar on financial planning, Alexia decided to attend. Among the panelists, one financial planner stood out to her. Alexia liked that she gave practical, easy-to-understand advice.

Based on this first impression, Alexia reached out to this financial planner.


From their first meeting, Alexia’s new financial planner worked to fully understand her financial situation, her lifestyle and what she truly wanted her life to look like. From there, she helped Alexia:

  • Consolidate her scattered accounts to make them simpler to manage
  • De-risk and diversify her concentrated positions and lower her investment costs
  • Coordinate with her Estate Attorney to advise on her estate plan
  • Coordinated with her benefits administrator to help her best leverage her equity

Alexia has moved up in her career several times since engaging her financial advisor. At each transition, Alexia consults her on negotiating her next role. Now, during career transitions and sabbaticals, Alexia can rest easy knowing her money is optimally set up to work for her in the background.

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